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Center for Neurocognitive Research MSUPE

The Center for Neurocognitive Research (MEG Center) was founded at the Moscow City University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) in 2010. This is the first and only research laboratory in Russia for whole-head measurements of neuronal brain activity using Magnetoencephalography (MEG). Our goal is to introduce this modern, powerful method of functional brain imaging and diagnostics into experimental and clinical practice in Russia.

MEG has high time resolution up to fractions of a millisecond. Combined with information obtained with structural magnetic-resonance imaging (sMRI) it allows to register time-courses of neuronal activity of the brain with high spatial resolution (a few millimeters). For a short explanation of the method see About MEG.

We take advantages of this unique technology to study brain functioning in normal and clinical populations. Here you can find information about our ongoing research projects. You can find the list of our publications. We also collaborate with neurologists and neurosurgeons to introduce MEG into clinical practice.

Are you interested? We invite interested and highly motivated researchers and students to collaborate!